Alyssa Tucker

Opening Eyes and Doors

As a college senior, Alyssa Tucker wanted to gain experience as an intern, but worried it would involve getting a lot of coffee. Instead, her marketing internship at Meadowlark was a great introduction into many different aspects of the business.

“I was involved in meetings, got to express ideas and be creative. I felt valued and really enjoyed all of it,” she said. “It’s a great experience for anyone wanting to go into business.”

Alyssa had a hands-on role within the marketing department, plus got to participate in some long-term planning. Being organized and detail-oriented proved to be valuable skills and she was inspired to go the extra mile throughout her internship. She also found working in the nonprofit sector rewarding.

“I want to give back to people,” she said. “Meadowlark has opened up my eyes and heart to the possibility of working at a retirement community.”

In fact, it also opened up doors. Alyssa was offered a part-time job when her internship was done. She does get coffee for people, but usually so she can sit and enjoy it with a fellow employee or resident.

If Alyssa could give newcomers one piece of advice about working at Meadowlark, it’s this: “Be prepared to smile and have a good time all day.”