Working at Meadowlark

What is it like to work at Meadowlark? There’s no doubt about it: This is a special place. A lot of people say we’re like one big family—giving high-fives in the hallways, stepping in to help whenever it’s needed, and so much more. The staff, residents and volunteers go out of their way to be friendly and supportive. You have to see it for yourself to truly understand!

How People Describe the Culture Here

“From the first time I stepped into Meadowlark, it felt like home.”

Angela Gerena, Home Health Office Manager

“It’s like a really, really big family. Everything everybody does is interconnected and there’s always someone there to help you.” 

Alexa Goforth, Human Resources Assistant

“It’s a very friendly atmosphere. When you walk down the hallways, people say ‘hello.’”

Rachel Dillard, RN, Honstead Clinical Coordinator

“Meadowlark has a great culture. It’s very family-like.”

Nick Lundeen, Financial Services Leader

“It’s very friendly. They show person-first care in every way.”

Daniel Rubio, Health Aide

“There really is a warmth. Employees are like family.” 

Erin Hildreth, AIT Participant

“Be prepared to smile and have a good time all day. We naturally have fun.”

Alyssa Tucker, Intern

“It doesn’t feel like a nursing home. It feels like a home.”

Logan Frost, Royal Volunteer

“It’s a great balance of calming, welcoming and fun.”

Heidi Fergel, Royal Volunteer

Want to experience Meadowlark for yourself?

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