Written By Meadowlark on May 3, 2023

Meadowlark’s Leader of the Pack for May is Alyssa Chavez, a nurse in Lyle House at Meadowlark! Alyssa is compassionate and caring with residents and families. She always has a positive attitude and is willing to help wherever is needed and does so with a smile. The residents and staff love Alyssa! She is a fantastic nurse with a genuine heart. Meadowlark is happy to have Alyssa as a part of the team. Congrats, Alyssa!

Written By Meadowlark on April 12, 2023

Meadowlark’s Leader of the Pack for April is Julia Booher, a CNA in Collins House at Meadowlark! Julia consistently shows up on time and ready to work. She moves at a fast pace for her entire shift. Julia cares tremendously for the residents and their families. Nurse leaders in Collins House appreciate Julia’s ability to support their duties making them more manageable, especially on busy nights. Meadowlark has immense gratitude for Julia and all the wonderful caregivers who work with those who call our campus home.


Written By Becky Fitzgerald on March 23, 2023
The 11th annual Grow Green Match Day on Friday, April 21, is a tremendous opportunity for the Manhattan community and Meadowlark Foundation. On that day, donations made through the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation to participating nonprofit agencies will receive a 50% match!  
Written By Meadowlark on March 9, 2023

Meadowlark’s Leader of the Pack for March is Linda Montgomery, a social worker at Meadowlark! Linda goes above and beyond to help ensure residents' psychosocial needs are met. Her warm and caring nature helps residents and their families feel comfortable during challenging situations. Linda is excellent at helping connect residents to needed resources and often takes the extra step of initiating referrals or accompanying residents to appointments. Linda facilitates Change and Loss Support Group and Memory Café. We are so lucky to have Linda as a member of the Meadowlark team!


Written By Meadowlark on February 8, 2023

Meadowlark’s Leader of the Pack for February is Alaina Ray, a Home Health Aide for Meadowlark Home Health. Alaina provides companionship/care to several home health clients, and she is always so kind, patient, and understanding. She listens to their stories, asks questions, and is so interactive. If you pass her in the hallway, Alaina always lights up with a smile and says “Hello!” or “Good morning!” We are grateful to have Alaina as part of our team at Meadowlark!


Written By Meadowlark on January 19, 2023

Winners of 2023’s 15 Under 40 were recognized at a special reception in their honor Thursday, Jan. 12, at the Manhattan Conference Center. Among the inaugural list of honorees is Jayme Minton, Support Services Director at Meadowlark. 

Written By Meadowlark on January 17, 2023

Meadowlark’s Leader of the Pack for January is Hannah Jones, an RN in Honstead House! Hannah goes above and beyond to help every resident in Honstead House. The residents have amazing things to say about her, especially when they just need a listening ear. Hannah bends over backwards to help cover shifts in the house and changed her schedule temporarily to help cover more shifts. She makes sure team members know she is available to help, if needed, during each shift.

Written By Meadowlark on December 8, 2022

Meadowlark’s Leader of the Pack for December is Raegan McMillen, a CMA in Collins House! Raegan is such a valuable member of the team. She has an amazing work ethic, and is always ready to tackle any task thrown at her. Raegan comes to work ready to get the job done, and takes such great care of the residents. She goes above and beyond, even balances going to nursing school with working in Collins House. Every house needs a Raegan, and we are so glad to have her as a part Meadowlark team! Congrats, Raegan!


Written By Meadowlark on November 9, 2022

Meadowlark’s Leader of the Pack for November is Katelin Parker, a CNA in Sloan House! Katelin is a rock-star employee. She is driven, kind, and funny. The residents love having her around and staff greatly appreciate her! Katelin goes above and beyond to do whatever she can to help residents and is a team player who helps to make sure that the highest quality of care is being provided. She is dependable and hardworking and picks up extra shifts when she can. Even when things are not going as planned, she keeps a positive attitude and is able to make people smile and laugh.

Written By Meadowlark on October 12, 2022

Meadowlark’s Leader of the Pack for October is Ashlyn Spomer, a CNA in Collins House! Ashlyn had not one, not three, but FOUR nominations! Ashlyn comes in every day and exceeds expectations! She walks in with a smile, and always leaves with one, too. She has such a great relationship with all the residents in Collins House, where she goes above and beyond for them daily. Since transitioning to Collins House from Home Health, she took on a leadership role very quickly and is our 'go-to-girl' for training new aides. Everyone enjoys working with her; her energy is contagious.