There are many aspects of Meadowlark’s operation, which means there are opportunities in areas ranging from administrative and operational to healthcare and dietary services. Get to know more about our various areas of employment below.

Nursing Services

Nursing Services is responsible for providing and managing the health-related care that residents receive within our licensed health care center. Nursing Services strives to deliver individualized, professional, quality care — both physical and emotional — to all residents in an effort to make them feel at home. Social Services is the first point of contact for individuals considering our healthcare households, and also provides consultative support to all residents and family members.

Home Health/Wellness Services

Meadowlark has a licensed Home Health Services agency, as well as a licensed Wellness agency, as part of its continuum of services.

Food Services

Healthcare Household residents depend on Dietary Services for their nutritional needs. Independent and assisted living residents, on the other hand, have the choice of dining with us or making their own meals at home[J1] . Employees are also invited to make reservations to receive meals while working at Meadowlark Hills.

Environmental Services

Environmental Services ensures that the entire campus is fully functional on a day-to-day basis. Departments include Housekeeping, Laundry, and Maintenance.

Life Enhancement/Volunteer Services

Life Enhancement Services promotes quality of life at Meadowlark Hills through leisure programs, including intergenerational learning, community involvement and various recreational therapies. Other departments include Volunteer Services and Transportation Services.

Administrative Services

Administrative Services keeps the business side of Meadowlark running smoothly. Departments include Human Resources, Information Systems and Technology, Marketing, and Financial Services.

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