Rachel Dillard

Climbing the Ladder: From CNA to Clinical Coordinator

Rachel Dillard started working at Meadowlark in 2006 as a CNA in assisted living. As she advanced her education, first as a Certified Medical Assistant, then as a Licensed Practical Nurse and finally as a Registered Nurse, her career at Meadowlark grew.

Today, she serves as a clinical coordinator in Honstead House, where she oversees all of the clinical aspects of the home: documentation, scheduling, shift reports, state assessments, care plans, plus collaborating with family members and fellow employees.

“Meadowlark is a great place to work. You really have the opportunity to work your way up the ladder and grow within the organization. They really foster growth and educational opportunities,” she said.

In addition to having the opportunity to grow, Rachel loves the supportive environment. She recalled a bad ice storm one winter that shut almost all of Manhattan down. Meadowlark opened its doors to employees and their families, so they would have access to power and running water.

“They’re humanitarians,” she said. “They see that by taking care of staff, that will motivate the staff to take care of the residents. It’s a really supportive place.”

My Meadowlark Story: Rachel Dillard